Here are a few of the comments from this past training.  Each person has volunteered to be a reference.  For a list of references email .

Very organized and a good work out.

Jen S-
High School  Girls Lacrosse Player of the Year- Current Division 1 Lacrosse player.

Dear Mr. St.Martin,
I just wanted to tell you I have two in your program, Spencer and Hayley.  It is great to have paid for something like this (X 2) and each week to have both kids come home talking about how much fun they had in your class.   You keep it challenging, fun and interesting.  I think both are learning a lot about they body position and the mechanics of running.  Thank you for having this class and please keep us in your email records for future classes you may have in our area.
Amy Freemon

Flow - no down time, intensity, Coach Mike's interaction w/ the kids; overall drills
Thank you - great session. My 3 kids learned and enjoyed the training. Their running form/style has definitely improved.


Agility drills and various speed training drills, Coach St Martin kept
it fun but challenging. Helped prepare
me for the upcoming lacrosse tryouts

Jimmy Wunder

This is the 5th camp Brandon has done and he enjoys it each time. It helps him to be pushed harder and shows him what he can work on at home.

Brian Hunter

The organization of the camp was unlike any other camp we have ever attended. Our son was involved in a beneficial activity for the entire time at camp. The video was also very helpful as was your input on our son's running form. The exercises were fantastic, too.


Dave and Mary Ann Miller

The one thing I liked best about the camp was that everyone was there to learn and try their best. No one was getting laughed at. At the end of the week everyone improved and I like to see improvement. I also liked how the camp included many different workouts that all went towards the same goal, getting faster and stronger.

Even if you are one of the faster runners, you can always improve. This camp showed me that hard work and effort can give you great results. All you have to do is set a goal and go after it.

Kathleen Maleski

Can't say enough good things about the camp. The expertise, the conditioning, the training, etc. was all excellent!

Toni Nardo

I liked the intense workouts we were experiencing and the teaching the
instructors did.

Achieve Speed Academy was an excellent training tool and lives up to 
its name.
Brandon W.

     I liked the fact that just about every activity we completed at camp could be done on our own, so I plan to continue training with similar drills.

I had an AWESOME time at camp. I loved everything about it and I'll 
carry the tips and drills with me throughout my career as an athlete.

Natalie S.

I liked how well the camp was organized and the stations/events that took place.

Bill P.

I would Highly recommend this camp.  I like the  competition, rewards, and constructive criticism. 

This was a great camp, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!
Joe T.

     I enjoyed learning how to perform better at running and new running drills that I
can do on my own

     I just like to thank coach Saint, Murphy, and Gibbon's for there help 
and complementing the 7th-8th grade students that we listened well and 
did outstanding through the whole camp!!
Adam R.

     This camp showed me how bad my running form is and how to get better and faster.  This is truly a camp for "any athlete"

Mike S.

     The camp taught me a score or more of exercises that I could do at home. In doing so I could keep on improving in speed as well as strengthening my muscles. I really enjoyed and highly recommend this camp.

Christian M.

     This camp made running fun and help me improve on my foot speed and quickness.  I would not change anything about this camp it was GREAT!

Justin C.

     I liked the various equipment that was available and the use of moderate competition to push us to do better.

Kelly T.

     I thought the camp was organized, challenging, FUN staff. I would highly recommend this training.

Paula E.

     I liked the good advice that was given.  The nice environment that was around the camp.  

     I had a great time and got a lot out of it, and look forward to coming 
Brad B.

     It was strenuous and really worked the kids. 
Keep up the good work!
Coach Mike S.

     The drills were helpful.  The coach was helpful, pushed me, and made it fun.

Patrick Q.

     I liked the way it was set up to perform different tasks.

Thank you, it was fun!

Kristopher L.

     I thought the atmosphere and the encouragement of the coaches were great. I would highly recommend this camp to other athletes.

Corey had a wonderful time!  Thank You!

Steven and Penny Z.

     The camp has a great group of positive trainers, positive atmosphere, and little down time!

As advertised! Great week!
Coach Imby - Baltimore Bays